Learning from the Third Age Of Landscapers

The “role” that Third Age individuals are given in society needs to be re-evaluated. While this group of individuals is often treated as though they are no longer useful to society, there are many lessons they can teach individuals in the First Age and Second Age. One of the best ways to do this is by volunteering with First Age children. Volunteering creates a two-way street, benefiting both parties involved. The First Age children are benefited by getting the kind of positive attention they need, yet often lack. Meanwhile, the Third Age volunteers often find a sense of purpose in their lives and find themselves learning immensely from the children they volunteer with (especially in terms of learning new technologies).

The Age Of Landscapers And Local Business

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The benefits derived from this interaction often leaves both parties with a sense of emotional satisfaction. The Third Age individuals typically find they have better cognitive performance and their physical health tends to improve. At the same time, the children are learning the emotional skills needed to be successful in life. You can learn more here.